Master class “Molecular cuisine”

Мастер классы для детей в Одессе
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Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Molecular cuisine is cooking with the help of physical and chemical sciences.

    We have prepared for you another interesting workshop for children. At this master class, children will be able to stand in the place of parents and cook a delicious dinner, but cook it in an unusual way, as we are used to, and with the help of scientific experiments.

    The master will show how to make interesting edible dishes with the help of safe chemical reactions and the laws of physics. Two technologies will be used in this master class: gelation and spherification.

    Such a master class is fascinatingly combined with a diverse Animation Program and will be a good addition.

    In the molecular kitchen, children will prepare such dishes:

    • Orange Spaghetti
    • Chocolate Caviar
    • Biscuit edible moss

    All ingredients for cooking are edible and safe for children.

    Cost may vary depending on the number of participants.


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