Workshop Badminton in Odessa

бадминтон. бадминтон Одесса, мастер-класс бадминтон, ракетка, волан
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Unfortunately, the service is no longer available for order and is archived.

      Workshop Badminton in Odessa will help you learn more about the psychology and strategy game, work out technique strikes and movements, focusing on physical training.

Badminton - sports game in which two players or two pairs of the players on the court, which is divided a grid,
throwing through it a shuttlecock using rackets, not letting him touch the floor on its side.

Interesting Facts:

  • Color ribbons edging shuttlecock determines its type: green, blue and red - slow, medium and fast shuttlecock respectively.
  • The design of the shuttlecock - a head and a tail which consists of 16 pens.
  • World statistics show that every 50-th inhabitant of the Earth is interested in this sport.

Championship between the parties can be arranged to activate the spirit of competition and winning. Commands can be divided according to age and sex. Can be arranged a pedestal winners with being awarded medals, diplomas and valuable gifts. Cost is discussed.

Cost includes:

  • grid;
  • pillars;
  • 2 coaches.

Optional: 6 shuttlecocks - 480 UAH.




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