Origami master class

Мастер-класс по оригами, Одесса
Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

         Origami master class in Odessa – is an original entertainment for any occasion - child or adult birthday party, corporate party, graduation, wedding, presentation, etc.

        Origami instructor knows how to make various shapes of different complexity - from simple cranes and tulips to three-dimensional figures made of several pieces of different colors.

        Master class can be thematic - it all depends on the event. This can be a master class where guests can make the 14th of February, Easter, New Year, Wedding or any other holiday. Paper figures can be of different forms: flowers and bouquets, the figures of people and animals, birds and butterflies, boxes and stars, hearts and dolls, and much more.

        The duration of the master class - 1 hour. Less than 12 people could take part in one master class. Each participant will be able to take away some memorable origami figures, after the event.

        The cost of origami master class in Odessa - 500 UAH per 2 person (90 min).

    The price includes:

    • materials for origami figures;
    • work of instructor.
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