Мастер класс по живописи

мастер-класс по живописи
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    Master class in painting

    If you want to do painting, but do not know how to do it and where to start, a master class in painting is what you need. The teachers of the master class will do everything to make it interesting, comfortable and understandable.

    They will acquaint you with their unique artistic techniques, styles of famous artists, and will help you to create artistic work with your own hands in the shortest time possible.

    Master classes are conducted by teachers of Odessa universities, colleges of them. Grekova, members of the union of artists. Also, young artists will share their skills and small secrets in painting.

    At the master class you can

    • gain a new hobby
    • discover new facets
    • get new experience
    • find a new way of relaxation
    • distract from the daily routine and worries
    • create a work of art with their own hands
    • just good and to spend your free time.

    Such an activity is suitable for both a beginner and an experienced artist. You can learn from scratch, or you can come to improve your techniques and skills that you already have.

    With the help of an experienced master in just a few hours you will write a picture that will delight you and your loved ones. During the master class you will receive a lot of positive emotions from the process of creating your own masterpiece. And you will be able to translate the acquired knowledge and skills in creating your next work of art, but independently.

    The cost of the master class is negotiated.

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