Male erotic show

Мужское этотическое шоу
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Unfortunately, the service is no longer available for order and is archived.

Male erotic show in Odessa performed by muscular stripteaser. You can invite him on different events hen-party, the 8th of March, on corporate party, on a birthday.

You can such an origin gift for a birthday of your friend. Just imagine: she would be at home preparing to the party - and then a man in a police uniform will ring her doorbell. When she will open the door and he came into the apartment – the erotic show will begin.

Believe us, she will remember this gift for a long time. 🙂

Artist can perform in various costumes:

  • Scottish;
  • disco dancer;
  • the groom;
  • cowboy;
  • gangster;
  • cop;
  • overnight guest;
  • dandy;
  • Elvis and others.

Duration of one dance - from 8 to 15 minutes.

If you want the show could be humorous.

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