Soft ice cream on holiday

Мягкое мороженое на праздник
Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

        Soft ice cream on holiday in Odessa will plunge you into childhood and will please both adults and children.

       Who has not dreamed as a child of the mountain of ice cream! Adults love this delicacy is not less than children. Give yourself a holiday – order soft ice cream for your party – and enjoy its delicate flavor. You can order as much as you can eat!

       Ice cream is served in a waffle cones of different sizes.  Choose any type of ice cream: strawberry yoghurt, vanilla yoghurt, chocolate, vanilla. Try all kinds - and choose the most tasteful for you. Yoghurt ice cream is served with jam, an ordinary ice cream is served with the usual toppings

       Delicacy is offered by charming girls. They are ready to cater to the tastes of the guests at the party. If your event is thematic, they may be dressed in according style. Thematic costumes are additionally discussed.

       Soft ice cream in Odessa can be booked for any event: children and adult birthday, corporate party, wedding, bachelorette party, and so on. All equipment will be installed wherever you want – both outdoors and indoors.

       The cost of rent sort ice cream in Odessa - from 13000 UAH for 1 day.

    Price includes:

    • delivery;
    • equipment;
    • freezer with ice-cream;
    • jams and toppings;
    • waffle cones;
    • work of technician;
    • the work of two girls.

       The service price may vary depending on the number of staff, amount of freezers, of the day of the week.

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