Life-size puppet show in Odessa

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Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    The only dancing life-size characters in Ukraine will decorate your holiday

    How to make your holiday original and unforgettable? The only dancing life-size heroes of Ukraine know the answer to this question! What could be more fun than a huge, colorful doll that plays with children, conducts dance workshops for their parents and gives gifts. So, as the main task is to make the holiday brighter! Thanks to the heroes of life, the holiday will be remembered for a long time, and the guests will receive a sea of ​​unforgettable emotions plunging into the atmosphere of the holiday.

    The show of life-size characters in Odessa is always a wonderful mood, sonorous children's laughter and a sea of ​​bright photographs for memory. After all, age is not important for dancing and fun! Thanks to the acting skills of our animators, you can forget about all your worries for a while and plunge into the atmosphere of a fairy tale or your favorite cartoon, while the presence of external costumes and various programs contributes to the adaptation of characters to absolutely any theme and format of the event.

    The show program of life size puppets will give your guests a colorful mood by welcoming them at the entrance and will complement the festive atmosphere with one original show number.

    Our excellence lies in the following details:

    • Aesthetic appearance, high quality images and original characters
    • Author's choreography that will remain in your hearts
    • Dancers who "burn" with their work
    • The ability to "live" the image

    Work formats:

    • Welkocome area or interactive photo area
    • Dance show number
    • Thematic performance

    Choose your favorite heroes for the holiday right now:

    • Sally and Mike
    • Timon and Pumbaa
    • Chipmunks Alvin and Brittany
    • Monsters, Inc
    • Mickey and Minnie

    We present the opportunity to complement your holiday with a dance master class with the participation of selected heroes, and when ordering two pairs of life-size characters, the show number can be for 4 dolls or two different numbers.

    Do you want your favorite characters to stay with you longer? An additional show number for the event program you have chosen is only 1300 UAH.





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