Drive cover band

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Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Drive cover band

    Professional music band is a resident of the most famous clubs. They participate in the most top events of Odessa and other cities. They are invited to club parties and banquets, they perform on the very top scenes!

    The repertoire of the group consists of the brightest and most memorable hits of the world popular music scene, as well as incendiary disco, funk and even rap.

    Main cast

    • Drummer
    • Bassist
    • Keyboard / backing vocalist
    • Guitarist / vocalist.

    The group offers several composition options. Dilute their male team invited several talented vocalists.

    Price: 2 blocks of 45 min -14000 UAH

    Separately paid - household and those rider, transfer and additional participants (2 more vocalists, DJ with equipment and vocalist).

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