Amusement park in Koblevo

База отдыха в Коблево
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Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

         Amusement park in Koblevo - is a complex of attractions and recreation places, located near the Black Sea.

         The park is decorated in a western style. There are a lot of active entertainment: volleyball, quad biking, horse riding, mini-golf. Amateurs of attractions could try to sit on a mechanical bull, jump on the trampoline and to check their force of dynamometer.

         The most dexterous guests can express themselves on attraction "Prize stairs". There are several variants for the most accurate:

    • game "Funny barrel" - if a player hits the target, the animator will fall into a barrel of water;
    • shooting ranges with a variety of weapon - bows and crossbows, paintball, airsoft or pneumatic guns, darts.

         Here you can also find attractions for the young visitors: mechanical horses and children fishing.

         After an active day you can relax in the swimming pool or take a steam bath.

         You can go to a restaurant in the western style for a banquet or just for a nice dinner. Here you can enjoy themed meals and feel like a real cowboy in the Wild West.

         There are many different rooms, as well as individual houses to accommodate the guests.

         The price of the complex menu for 1 person - 190 UAH (without alcohol).

         The rent of the hotel room for one night - from 500 UAH (price depends on the category of the room and season).

         The price of attractions - from 10 UAH.

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