Elvis Presley Parody Show

Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

         Parody show on the famous artist and musician Elvis Presley in Odessa is a charisma , charm, an unequaled voice pattern and actor’s growth of 2.2 meters in one bottle.

    The experience of the artist:

    • Participation in the TV show “Minute of Fame";
    • Participation in the TV show "Bolshaya Raznica" ;
    • Performance at athe concert dedicated to the Independence Day of America;
    • 2008 - Performance for the Russian national football team ;
    • Performances in China, the U.S., the countries of the CIS;
    • 2011 - Performance at the Pierre Cardin fashion forum;
    • 2011 - Performance at the May Fashion;
    • 2011 - Performanceat the Miss Arcadia 2011 .

    The show program includes (70 minutes):

    • Performance of authors’ songs;
    • Performance hits by Elvis Presley;
    • Two costume changes.

         Artist can perform to the live music (drums , bass , guitar, keyboards), and the phonogram of "-1".

         The price for the program (two blocks of 35 minutes):

    • live music - 10,000 UAH
    • soundtrack - 5,600 UAH

         The price for performing one music track to the live music - 2,400 UAH

    Prices grow in celebration of the New Year twice.








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