The message in a bottle

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Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

         The message in a bottle in Odessa will help you to share any message with the recipient to whom you address the suitable sign of attention. You can send to the guests a simple invitation which they received from previous senders or you can surprise them with unique design of the invitation.

        The message in a bottle can become peculiar invitation for friends to the birthday or other holiday, a declaration of love to the girlfriend or boyfriend. By means of the message in a bottle it is possible to make amends, having asked forgiveness. It is possible by means of the message in a bottle to surprise pleasantly the loved one.

         We can send decorated small bottle with a heart or something else to the chosen addressee through mail, that would serve as a symbol of your love, attention, and the papyrus enclosed in a bottle with the written by you warm and pleasant words.

         Variants of the bottles depend on your imagination. It can be a small bottle in the Hawaiian style, sea style, ganstar and others.

        The cost of one message in a small bottle – starts from 50 UAH.

        The prise of a bottle can vary depending on the sizes of the bottle and from complexity of the performed work.

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