Congratulation from G. Deliev or B. Barsky

Поздравление от Делиева, Барского, Одесса
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Unfortunately, the service is no longer available for order and is archived.

Congratulation from George Deliev or Baris Barsky in Odessa - is an opportunity to surprise your friend with performance of famous comedians of "Maski Show".

Comedian will congratulate your friend, colleague, sweatheart. Congratulation will be fun and provocatively. Such congratulation can become a great gift for ane occasion: birthday, corporate, wedding, etc.

Program: jokes, songs, miniatures, pantomime, poetry, tricks, riddles, contests, dancing. Program of congratulation is discussed in advance.

George Deliev - People's Artist of Ukraine, the famous comedian, author of comic serial "Masks show". He is also an actor, writer, director, composer, painter, step dancer.

Boris Barsky - People's Artist of Ukraine, actor, poet and director. Acts in comic troupe "Masks". He composes and recites his poetry, invents humorous greetings.

Artists can act in bright comic images.

Duration of congratulation - 25 minutes.

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