Congratulations from mime, hodulists and jumpers.

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Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Congratulations from mimes, hodulistov, jumpers

    Congratulations from mimes, hodulistov and jumpers in Odessa will be an original gift for dear people. You no longer need to come up with unusual congratulation scenarios for your family and friends.

    Now it can be laid on the shoulders of professional actors of the original genre in Odessa.

    Suitable for events

    • meeting guests at the event
    • meeting of the wife from the maternity hospital
    • friend's birthday
    • wedding anniversaries
    • corporate parties
    • festivals and other events.

    Your love confession our mimes with ease will deprive the words and give it with the help of gestures no worse than it did with the words in his letter to Onegin. And the birthday boy will be surprised if mimes, stilts and jumpers are involved in your congratulations!

    Cost: 1 artist - 1500 UAH.




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