The proposal

романтическое свидание

February 14 is an incredibly romantic date. And despite the cold wewather outside that day, all who are in love on this day feel warm and have a sunny weather.

Date: February 14, 2020;

Category: marriage proposal;

Location: Lanzheron;

Our couple are from Dnipro, but Odessa is a very important city for them, because it was here, several years ago, where the history of their relationship began. And when on Valentine's Day they ended up in Odessa, the groom could not miss this opportunity and decided to start a new stage of their relationship here. He turned to us for help in organizing a marriage proposal for his beloved.

Walking along the embankment, the lovers came to our location, where at one moment fire letters flashed with declarations of love, pyrotechnic fountains, romantic live music played and words that any girl has been waiting for so long. Our lover went down on one knee and made a proposal with a bouquet of roses. And of course, the cherished “I agree” was sounded.

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