Presentation of the hookah tobacco manufacturer Bali at Spring Hookah Fest Odessa 2018

Category: festival;

Dates: May 26-27, 2018;

Place: Otrada;

Guests: 4000 people;

Often, clients turn to us for a single service, unaware of the scale of our capabilities. This project is one of those cases.

A customer called us who wanted to ride a helicopter. While we were waiting for information from our partners about the possibility of flying on this date, the client began to ask us questions about the technical characteristics of the helicopter (up to which model of the engine is on the helicopter), which we could not give a clear answer at that moment. Then we heard in our direction: "Well, what kind of aeroclub are you, who does not know the technical characteristics of your helicopters" ... No, no, we are not aeroclub, we are an agency for organizing holidays - we are doing events of various scales. Surprised customer voice "Seriously ??" and after a few seconds he began to ask a lot of questions about different services and whether we can do it. It turns out that in 2 weeks a hookah festival was to take place in Odessa, where our client participated with the presentation of his company Bali, producing hookah tobacco. And we gladly offered our help, offered some ideas and started developing the project.

As planned by the organizers, the festival was to take place within two days and unite hookah lovers from all over Europe. The scale is big - there were more than 2000 people a day at the festival, and the time for preparation was small. It was necessary to completely organize the location of the stand for the presentation, develop the design, think over all attribute details in accordance with the target audience, prepare an advertising campaign and much more. But we are not afraid of difficulties, so we unknowingly began to implement the idea.

What was done:

  • stand design project developed
  • tent rental
  • construction of a bar counter, utility room, laying kavrolina
  • selection and rental of furniture
  • development and printing of promotional products (banner, flyers, caps, T-shirts)
  • hostess services
  • body art models
  • promoters for distributing promotional materials
  • branded 3-meter ball

After 2 weeks we saw how a small order turned into a big and bright project)

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