Purely Odessa Quest

Чисто одесский квест
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    Purely Odessa Quest - is a magnificent VIP class adventure for a small wealthy company. Game details thought out so well that the journey to South Palmyra will attract the attention of both foreign guests and the indigenous inhabitants of Odessa, giving them a chance to look at my mother with other eyes.

    This exciting event includes attractions of the city, its most attractive features and important historical location.

    The legend is based on the infamous past Odessa drayman and smugglers. At the beginning, participants receive classified information that the city was taken a valuable cargo, which is safely hidden in the dark mysterious catacombs, and to get his team will look for hints and clues all over the city, in the streets, in the picturesque courtyards, in museums and cafes! Yes there city, some clues are hidden even in the waters of the Black Sea!

    The program of the event includes:

    • hiking search mission;
    • walk on a yacht;
    • job and under water;
    • descent into the catacombs;
    • rewarding participants.

    Purely Odessa Quest gives the opportunity to feel the spirit of the charming city, notice its beauty, get a fresh batch of historical facts and all this in an easy form of a game. The sea of positive emotions guaranteed!

    Game Locations:

    • the central area of the city;
    • Odessa Bay;
    • the coastal zone;
    • Arcadia catacombs.
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