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реклама мероприятий в Одессе, оригинальное поздравление Одесса, буклеты в Одессе, дизайн приглашений, дизайн Одесса
Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    The trends of modern world, such as the introduction of technology, virtual communities and heavy advertising, have affected the event sphere. We can help you to advertise, promote your event to the masses; to make the whole city know about your event!

    This service includes:

    • the creation of a small website, online catalog;
    • design creating;
    • organizing the distribution of printed materials (flyers, brochures, business cards);
    • advertising in transport (videos, banners, covers, outdoor advertising);
    • mobile design, billboards;
    • advertising in elevators, on citylights;
    • involvement of television or radio broadcasting;
    • SMS sending.

    How is this useful?

    You are young businessman and you want to present your products or services to the public. In addition to assisting in the organizational moments, we will be able to make your presentation popular!

    You are an experienced businessman and you want to re-brand. We will help you to create a new site design, as well as organize a corporate party, where the innovations will be presented to all employees!

    You want to surprise your beloved wiyh an unusual congratulation? Book a congratulation on the bus, billboard, radio or even TV!

    You are in love and want to do an original marriage proposal? Mobile design, city-lights, distribution of leaflets will help to turn your day into a real adventure, which will crown an incredible romantic date!

    You want to organize a holiday for your neighbors or simply to please and amuse them? Advertising or a funny joke in the elevator is an excellent choice for the realization of such an idea!

    You want everyone to remember your wedding, birthday, anniversary or presentation? We offer you to develop a custom design brochures or flyers that a hostesse will distribute to all the guests at the entrance of the celebration!

    We will implement your ideas, make suggestions for their optimization, we'll take into account all the wishes and preferences!

    Performing all of the tasks mentioned above takes for about a week.

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