Romantic Cafe

Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Small and cozy cafe "Zephyr", located in the Primorsky district, near the famous "Victory Park", invites all family holidays or business meetings.

    The two banquet halls with modern décor, designed for 40 and 60 guests, you can sample delicious dishes and in the summer enjoy drinks on the terrace.

    The comfortable interior makes for urban travel back to the atmosphere of comfort and chef specialties prepared with love is evident, the taste of which is remembered for a long time. For lovers of hookah tobacco is best prepared with fragrant fillers.

    European cuisine and Odessa, you can order both Italian pizza and kosher falafel. People who adhere to Lent, Lenten menu is offered. Service qualified waiters is fast, tact and diligence.

    The cafe is constantly sounds pleasant enchanting music and karaoke lovers can fulfill guests their favorite songs.

    The café is located at the "Victory Park" you can order the following services:

    • Wine card;
    • Takeaway;
    • To book a table for receptions and business lunches.

    This cozy cafe to sit for a delicious breakfast with a business partner, to spend a romantic date, a magnificent celebration of the hero of the day, or to arrange a children's holiday fun for the kids.


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