Drawing of certificates for the “Золотой Век” jewelry store

Recently, our regular customers "Golden Age", appealed to us for organizing the drawing of gift certificates.

Category: drawing of certificates;

Date: September 15, 2018;

Place: jewelry shop "Golden Age"

Number of guests: from 50 people.


We have already made for them a different event plan, such as opening a store and promotions.

From our services provided by:
  • photozone;
  • arch of balloons;
  • leading;
  • mimes;
  • distribution of balls;
  • and the main event - a lottery drum with a raffle of gifts.

The shop is located in the shopping center "Athena", we all prepared all for the event and went to the installation, but when we arrived at the place, it turned out that there was no light in the shopping center, and how long it is uknown! It’s good that for such cases we always have a generator))! The task was this: bring the generator, get into the store (since there was no light, then the automatic doors did not open), switch everything on, to inflate 500 balls and check all the equipment. The light is still turned on, we managed to do everything and hold a rally!

As we know, somethinks happens so at events that force majeure occurs regardless of our work, so the main thing is to provide for various nuances and problems that may arise at any moment. What, in principle, we are trying to do)


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