Surprise-joke in honor of birthday

On Monday, we received a call from our regular customer, with a request to organize a surprise-joke in honor of a friend’s birthday, which will be on Tuesday, tomorrow)

Category: Surprise-joke;

Date: September 25, 2018;

The number of guests: 11 persons;


The surprise was planned for the whole day, we proposed a scenario in the style of "Day of Failure", but jointly decided to add pleasant surprises) We chose the idea for a long time, but by the end of the day the concept changed and we settled on this option:

On the day of the birthday party arrival near the house, he was met by 2 carriages with coachmen in historical figures and his loyal friends in musketeers' hats. The next point was the city park, where the guys were met by 2 gentlemen in suits and spread out a red carpet in front of them, but as soon as the guys stepped on it, with different sides, masked men with pistols ran up and threatened them! Birthday boy
scared a lot! And then from all sides began to dance the people who sat in a cafe, just walked beside or even swept the street as janitors. Of course, this was all we had invented in advance as a flash mob. It looked really spectacular!)
But the surprises for our hero did not end there.

After we tickled his nerves well, we decided to make a pleasant surprise) Their next location was the Burbon bar in which the "Ugly Coyote" party awaited them, where they were met by four incendiary beauties - PJ girls  that didn't let the whole company to get bored!)
And our last surprise for Birthday boy was no less shocking! This is a female striptease at his home.

From our services implemented:

  • carriages rental;
  • rent of musketeers' hats;
  • flash mob;
  • PJ girls ;
  • female striptease.

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