Saxophone show

саксофонист, живая музыка одесса, фоновая музыка на свадьбу, музыка на первый танец молодых
Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

         Saxophone show in Odessa - is a colorful musical performances from fragile and charismatic artist.

    Experience of the artist:

    • Graduated from Nikolaev School of Music in piano class;
    • Graduated from the Odessa State Conservatory;
    • The winner of the national contest of pianists named after G.Neygauza (Kirovograd);
    • The winner of the international competition on the theory of music (Donetsk);
    • The winner of the Grand Prix for the best piano improvisation (Donetsk);
    • In 2004 the artist began learning to play the saxophone at the Honored Artist of Ukraine and Moldova Ruslan Kuchera.
    • He takes an active part in the celebrations of the city: City Day, Woman of the Year, Umorina, etc.
    • Tour in Europe: Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Russia, Ukraine.

    Themes of the show numbers:

    • Gypsy;
    • Irish;
    • the Balkans;
    • Disco 80's;
    • Marine;
    • Latin American;
    • Club;
    • Odessa;
    • Folk music.


    • 1 show number (2 performances) - 1500 grn/20 min.
    • Background music - 1500 UAH / 1 hour



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