Saxophone duet

Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Saxophone Duet will enrich your holiday cultural masterpieces and make it a memorable one!

    The duo's motto: "The love of music is limitless!"

    The creative team will perform a professional music for your celebration the sounds saxophone. further play the flute, and can harmoniously combine the tools in a single number.

    They have years of experience on a variety of events: weddings, romantic date, corporate parties, birthdays, receptions, presentations, concerts, etc .. This can be a background accompaniment or celebration concert with the performance of well-known hits.

    The repertoire of the duo's various music styles: disco, jazz, pop, funk, tradition, swing, bop, fusion, jazz-rock, music from movies, Odessa motives. At your request, perform any song.

    The duo's members:

    • Igor - he graduated from the OSMA. Nedzhanovoy towards "opera and symphony conducting." Currently is a lecturer in the Odessa Conservatory. Nejdanova, and part-time conductor of the National Philharmonic of Moldova them. S. Lunkevich.
    • Eugene - a graduate of the same OSMA them. Nedzhanovoy, he graduated in 2008 as a specialist of orchestral faculty in the direction of wind and percussion instruments.

    The speakers on the same stage with such outstanding musicians of Odessa, as Sergey Terentiev, Yury Kuznetsov, Tatiana Boev, as well as with Ion Suruceanu, Edita, Alexander Serov, Garik Krichevsky, Valery Syutkin, Angelica Varum and Leonid Agutin, Mikhail Boyarsky, Nina Shatskaia , ensemble ARRIVAL (ABBA) from Sweden.

    Musicians taking part:

    • The performances of "Gobies in tomato sauce", "Сontrabass from Odessa";
    • acts in the ensemble "Mother's children."

    Cooperate with famous leading Odessa, Oleg Filimonov, Boris Barsky, Sergei Olech, Dmitry Shpinarёv Andrew Voinikov, Alexander Barinov, Eugene Grinkevich, Roman Sardaryan Arseniy Gorun, Sergei Transdanubia, Getman duo.

    Cost of services:

    One saxophonist - 1 hour

    Buffet reception, meeting guests - 2800 UAH
    Buffet reception and the first dance of the newlyweds - 4200
    First dance - 2250
    Concert solo numbers and poppuri for famous songs - 3350

    Two saxophonists - 1 hour

    Buffet, the first dance of the newlyweds - 5600
    First dance - 3000
    There are also other options.

    The duo performs at various venues in Ukraine and abroad, including performances on the stage of Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater, at the Concert and Exhibition Complex Sea Port, in the Gardens of Victory, as well as on the stages of the plurality of restaurants Ukraine, Russia, Moldova.

    In the hands of these musicians saxophone sings, cries, laughs, thinks, suffers, tells the story of passion, love, nostalgia, sadness, experiencing with you the feelings that can not be explained in words.




















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