Show-ballet men

шоу-балет в одессе
Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

          Presented to your attention a show-ballet in Odessa, that consists of 4 guys, that are ready to shock the public with it's energy and professional tricks.

          A man dance show of Europien level, with a professional scenario can reflect only good, positive energy on your event. Сhoreographies include synchronous and acrobatic movements. During the show they contact with the public.

           They have 4 show-program, each of what consists from 2 shows, and the time of each show is 5 minutes.

         A show-ballet dance under a pleasure mix of a very famous modern hits and hits of 80th and 90th. Dancers are performing in a concert costumes, and in costumes that has a light diodes. Also they have a comic show, where you can see dancers being a Santa Claus and his daughter.


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