Jazz Show Ballet

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Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

         Jazz Show Ballet from Odessa performs bright costume show of different styles. They can perform at any your event - corporate party, wedding, birthday and others.

         The band was founded in 2010 by a professional choreographer Natalia. She is staging the show and projects costumes of the troupe. The team consists of five participants. All of them are professional dancers. They has incredible plasticity, charismatic and dance education.

        Girls performs with costume show. It can be lyric or dynamic. The repertoire of the dance troupe consists of the following numbers:

    • "Burlesque" - sensual performance based on the same musical. Music - «Express» - Aguilera.
    • "Golden Sand" – show in the style of contemporary dance, performed in gold costumes. Music - "7 leaves» - Enigma.
    • "Kvitka" - a lyrical performance in the national Ukrainian style. Music - "Kvitka" - N. Matvienko.
    • «Blue stars» - girls performs in the costumes of starfishes.
    • "French Kiss" - a jazz show, performed in black and pink dress. Music - «Mercy» - Dafi.
    • "Masquerade" – show that imitates a Venetian carnival.
    • "Reach to heaven" - pop-jazz performance. Girls dance in black suits with wings. Music - «Jump» - Madonna.
    • «Night girls» - an aggressive show, performed in a latex-tulle dress.
    • "Confetti" - rock 'n' roll performance. Girls dance in bright costumes. Music - Rock and roll.
    • "Cats" - girls performs in costumes of cats, style - modern-jazz. Music - «Fun for me» - Milk.
    • "Breath of Love" - a romantic show. Music "Say, do not be silent" - Silver.
    • "Santa Claus" - Christmas performance in which girls appear dressed as Santa Claus.

        The minimum number of show in the same performance - 2. Duration of one show - 3-4 minutes.

         The price includes:

    • transfer of artists (Odessa);
    • performance;
    • costumes.

         Performance outside of Odessa is paid separately.


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