Creating panoramic tours, shooting 360 °

съемка 360
Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Creating panoramic tours, shooting 360 °

    Operators will provide the maximum quality of work performed - high definition, excellent color reproduction, even in difficult shooting conditions, as well as competent post-processing and retouching. The work uses a modern panoramic camera - insta360 pro 2, which uses six cameras to capture each corner of the scene at the same time.

    The camera retains natural light even if it changes in each direction, and 9 HDR mode allows you to make panoramas incredibly deep in color! The order will be completed as soon as possible.

    Additional services at the request of the client

    • Create Flash / HTML5 3D tour for website
    • Shooting a quadcopter from an aero-panopair is very important for developers who want to show the view from the windows of their future home.
    • Register location on Google Maps
    • Verify Location on Google Business

    Shooting a panoramic 360 ° VR video is a great way to relive the happy moments of life. And the online broadcast will allow you to share with your close ones the most important points, even if you can’t be present live.

    Open to fans the opportunity to visit part of the festival in anticipation of the next. Or look behind the scenes with them, where their favorite band is warming up! Remove the interactive music video to attract more attention to your work! Imagine dragons, Gorillaz, Slipknot, MUSE, Avicii - these are the groups with which you will split the palm in YOUTUBE.

    Modern technology makes it not only possible, but more than affordable! After the end of the broadcast, you will receive a video file of the same resolution as it was recorded in real time for free.

    Use modern technology to be at the peak of popularity!

    Additional services of the company

    • video editing from several scenes or from several cameras;
    • add screensaver, titles and other graphic elements;
    • Live broadcast outdoors, through a mobile network;
    • sale of 360 ° cameras.

    The cost of a live broadcast of 360 ° depends only from the time of the shooting crew - 2000 UAH / hour or 12000 UAH / shift.

    The cost of additional assembly, stabilization and rendering - 1200 UAH for 5 minute video in 4K 3D resolution and 3000 UAH - 5 minutes 8K 3D.

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