Theatrical soap bubbles show

мыльные пузыри, программа для детей в одессе
Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

         Theatrical soap bubbles show in Odessa - a theater, show, performance and immersion into the story rolled into one.     Soap bubbles show it is a spectacular show for both adults and children. Theatrical show bubbles will be a good addition to intertainment activities such as birthday, anniversary, wedding, children's party or even a corporate party.

          Artists perform not only show tricks with soapy water using various props but also act out a play based on a prepared script. All children and adults will be inside the tunnel soap.

    Characters for children's program:

    • butterfly;
    • Mickey and Minnie Mouse;
    • Malvina and Pinocchio;
    • fairies;
    • Mylochka and bubbles;
    • Hussar and Pupa.

         Also your childrens party can visit a Fairy with Mister Naduvatel'. They will show children more complicated tricks with helium and smoke.

    Characters on Adult event:

    • Charlie Chaplin and his beloved.


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