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музыкальная группа другой город
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    The musical group "Аnother city" was founded in Kyiv in 2016 under the leadership of composer and musician Igor Kitaygorodskogo.

    Musicians work in the following musical directions:

    • new wave;
    • alternative rock;
    • ambient;
    •  new age;
    •  pop rock.

    In their album, each song conveys the story of life, a lot of beautiful, poetichno lyrics. Great guitar riffs interspersed with lots of synths and drums.

    Right found words fascinating, immerse themselves in the music, to feel part of this beautiful world. Attending the concert of "Аnother city" will bring you in the most beautiful moments of his life, to relive the memories of first love, to go back to the place, where lives only the truth.

    Soloists of the group perform at the most prestigious venues of Kiev and Ukraine. In August of this year in Kiev concert club "Bel etage" was presented the new album "WHO I am".

    The collective group of the most talented musicians and performers, this Duo of like-minded people, living the scene and the most beautiful thing in the world of music.
    Ordered the presence of the musical group "Аnother city" at your event, you will surely get a good mood and feel full of energy. The desire to live, work, create!

    Musicians prepared copyright show program at 1 h 20 min.

    Advanced oplachyvaetsya of technical and rider of household.

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