Teambuilding programme “5th Element”

тимбилдинг Одесса, командообразование в Одессе
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     Team building program "5 element" in Odessa - the scenario developed by psychologists, that is used to improve the efficiency of the team. This scenario is perfect for the event, if you want to get to know colleagues better, to unite people from different cities in a single click, to rally the team and improve the efficiency of the team.
The essence of the game is to go through four steps, symbolizing the four elements - Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Passing the competition stages, the team collects the elements of fire, water, earth and air, but only at the end they will be able to find FIFTH ELEMENT.

     When the team collects all four elements together - a miracle happens. It turns out that the main and necessary "fifth element" - people, employees of the company, the most valuable thing she has.

The scenario includes:

  • exercises based on the minimal physical activity (jumping team through a large rope, relays, etc.);
  • creative tasks (participants showed creative, fulfilling the task);
  • psychological task (mini-training sessions aimed at understanding ourselves as part of the team, on the understanding of colleagues, etc.)

     In the process of team building repeated redistribution of roles in the team occurs, which also develops personal qualities of each participant, that are very important for an effective workflow and positive atmosphere and comfort.

     The price includes the work of master trainer, purchase of the necessary props and materials.

     Programme duration is from 2 hours, the price is specified depending on the number of participants.

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