16th Anniversary Party

In March, we received a request to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the roof. We examined various options with the Client and made decisions that we better choose a warmer and more original place at this time of year, and we settled on a fashionable and stylish location - LOFT.

Information about our birthday was as follows: does not recognize the farce and does not wear rose-colored glasses, "sweet bar does not offer!", Loves red and black color and original pastime. "No question, let's do it!" - manager Irina answered and started collecting ideas for the holiday.

On the day of the holiday itself, it was organized:

  • location rental - LOFT
  • photozone
  • live quest "Psycho"
  • catering in original boxes
  • DJ with music and light equipment
  • photographer
  • and super cool mood😎
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