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    Wakeboarding is a water sport and a great idea for outdoor activities. This is surfing, snowboarding, skate and water skiing connected together. On the territory of Wakepark there is everything you need for a good rest.

    Wakepark Services

    • 4 cable cars for wakeboarding
    • trampolines
    • sports section (outdoor simulators and horizontal bars)
    • pool
    • board intellectual games (chess, backgammon)
    • balance board
    • sports equipment rental and shop

    Also, which is especially important for beginners, there is a wakeboarding school with professional trainers and instructors in the park. And here you can play beach volleyball, watch movies or sports broadcasts, eat delicious meals cooked on the grill, snacks and desserts.

    Wakepark is perfect for offsite celebrations, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate trainings, etc.

    Area: 1200 square meters. m

    Capacity: up to 1000 people. throughout

    Rental locations: 500 UAH / person. (if your catering)

    Distance from center: 23 km

    Restaurant: from 700 UAH / person. (in this case, the rent is not charged)

    Entertainment / attractions: from 225 UAH / person.

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