Video invitation to the wedding

Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

         Video invitation to the wedding - is a unique service in Odessa, which will help you to impress your friends with unusual invitation, instead of the standard cards.

         An experienced operator will make your video. You can offer your own original ideas or use ours. Together we can create a unique scenario for your wedding video invitation.

         We can also provide you a make-up artist, stylist, additional accessories and props.

         All captured video will eventually be mounted up to 2 minutes of wedding invitation.

         You can burn it to a disc and give your guests in envelopes before wedding. Or you can download this video, for example, to any social networks and mark all those you want to invite to your ceremony.

         Price of service - 1000 UAH for one video invitation (2 minutes).

    The cost of the service "Video wedding invitation" in Odessa include:

    • scenario development;
    • operator's work during one day;
    • video editing.

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