Videogreetings from celebrities

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Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Each holiday is unique. Always very much that the new corporate event was quite unlike the past, that it liked and well remember the staff and guests of the festive evening.The company "Tumult" offers a wonderful service - videogreetings from celebrities. Do you want your employees congratulated Naomi Campbell, Luc Besson and Vladimir Zelensky? Today it is very easy to do!

    Stylist and makeup artist beforehand meet with company staff and pick up the people who are similar to Type on celebrities.

    Made-up guests and team members then meet with the operator who installs video congratulations. At the gala evening is the video produces a significant effect, people do not immediately realize that this is not real celebrities.

    Typically, holiday greeting celebrities raises many sincere smiles, jokes and mischievous fun.

    However, this service often order professional performances of music and dance, neon, laser and pyrotechnic show.

    Make corporate celebration a memorable one is very simple, just enough to make a little effort and imagination.

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