Video filming of concerts

видео студия
Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Video filming of concerts

    The studio produces high-quality promotional content that can help you reach a new level! The team consists of professionals who love their job, so each of their work is done with the highest quality possible. The approach to work at the studio is professional.

    A detailed scenario will be made for you, the shooting will take place on professional equipment, after the shooting a video will be made for you, minimizing all the edits in the finished product. The team will do everything to ensure that their work fully meets your expectations.

    Studio services

    • Promotional video reviews for institutions and corporations
    • Short promo videos for social networks
    • Shooting video reviews of equipment and goods
    • Documentary, image, corporate videos
    • Promotional videos of events
    • Shooting conferences and presentations
    • Object shooting
    • Multi-camera shooting of concerts (creating live-films)
    • Live broadcasts from cameras and quadcopters
    • Aerial photography and aerial photography
    • Shooting a spherical video of 360 degrees
    • Shooting timelapse video.

    The cost is negotiated!


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