Water fights

Водное шоу, Одесса
Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Water show in Odessa - is an entertainment program for summer holiday. Virtually unlimited number of people can participate in this show.

    At the beginning of the program host tells about Thai tradition, according to which the Thai water (which was specially brought for this event) makes everyone happy, on whom it falls.

    It offers large water containers, as well as a large variety of water guns:

    • water guns and pistols
    • pots, watering cans, buckets and enemas
    • pumps
    • sprayers, etc.

    and protective equipment:

    • umbrellas
    • hats
    • glasses, etc.

    Water relay will held before the water show. Participants will be divided into two teams. Each team will have a captain. Team will invent a name and motto.

    Contests for the relay

    • to pour the water from the pool using ladles
    • to fill capacity with enemas, without stepping over the line
    • catch the water, which will shoot rivals, and fill your reservoir
    • move water in a glass.

    There are two versions of water show.

    Version 1

    Each team has its own pool with water. Who will first spend liquid to "make happy" rivals will win. If someone will break the rules, his team will be "punished" with an additional 100 liters of water.

    Version 2

    Each team is divided into groups. Within five minutes the first group of one team will compete with the first group of the second team. Then other groups will compete. This version of the game is designed for a large number of people - here can participate up to 500 players.

    During the game, participants will be handed out with various accessories (glasses, raincoats, umbrellas, balloons for refueling, etc.), and additional types of weapons will appear (catapults, hoses, buckets, sprayers, etc.).

    Throughout the show animators will help players “make happy” each other.

    Water fights will be completed at the moment when the water level in the pool of one of the teams will drop to the level of min.

    The price of the show include

    • host's work
    • animator’s work
    • equipment for filling water reservoirs
    • reservoirs
    • water guns
    • delivery of equipment
    • installation and removal.

    With a larger number of participants in the value specified.

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