Mirror laser show

Шоу-программа в Одессе
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Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Mirror laser show is a modern show, in which the smooth movements of dancers and bright laser beams are well combined.

    Recently, our planet was filled with new technologies, in the world of show programs, modern trends are also not lagging behind. Now the guests want to show not just a song or a dance, but a whole show filled with bright special effects and an unusual idea. Mirror laser show is perfectly included in this category, this show is suitable for different format of the event and will be able to entertain your guests.

    From the first minutes of the performance, the artists will take you to a mysterious world where aliens in mirror suits will merge into dancing with impulsive laser beams.

    This is a colorful combination of dance, music and light.


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