Одесса бабочки
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Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
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    Flying and fluttering "gift" that brings a smile, for all occasions and holidays greetings - live exotic butterflies in Odessa are great for:

    • birthday ;
    • wedding ;
    • Valentine's Day ;
    • please close to the heart and soul people.

    Examples of use of tropical butterflies:

    • deflation butterflies from one transparent box;
    • deflation of exotic butterflies from several boxes from different sides of the hall at the same time ;
    • handing envelopes with live butterfly in each to open it at the same time and to make wishes;
    • hall decorations: the huge glass goblets with flying butterflies inside and fresh fruit or flowers at the bottom.

     For more wonderful "salute" you can release different tropical big butterflies or together with small butterflies. After the release of the butterflies all thay are flying to the most bright place in the hall.

    VIP - Butterflies

    1. Morpho

    Unusually bright blue beautiful butterfly wings are impressive. This butterfly together all the blue sea in the wings shining brilliance of metal with different tides of many colors. Wingspan 12-14 cm.

    The price of this butterfly - 300 UAH 

    2. White Morpho

    The same butterfly like the Morpho but in white color. Wingspan 14-15 cm.

    The price of this butterfly - 300 UAH.

    3. Caligo

    Pattern on the wings, under the bottom, simulates eyes of an owl, the same scare small birds. As seen during the flight that the wings noble different shades of colors. Wingspan 15-18 cm their rapid flight, periodically they jump.

    The price of this butterfly - 220 UAH.

    Large tropical butterflies (10-15 cm). Price - 200 UAH

    4. Troides rhadamantus

    Unusual and surprising combination of fine golden color and black velvet. Smooth flight, majestic and rapidly fast.

    Wingspan up to 15 cm.

    5. Papilio palinurus 

    Radiance mesmerizing turquoise stripes and highlights the classic form of large wings. Flying fast and rapid.

    Wingspan up to 10 cm.

    6. Papilio rumanzovia 

    Bottom wings luxuriously emphasizes raspberry red border, top-coated motley wings bluish-gray color.

    Wingspan of 14 cm.

    7. Papilio lowi 

    Mysterious figure on the wings of this butterfly enchanting. Butterflies have tails that are similar in shape drop.

    Wingspan of 12-13 cm.

    8. Papilio polytes

    Male and female of this species flitting completely different from each other, they differ not only by their drawing, but also by a form of wings. Charms with rapid flight, better to use for "fireworks"

    Wingspan up to 13 cm.

    9. Idea leuconoe 

    Provided leisurely fluttering flight. Unusually, the magic pattern on the wings like a sophisticated graphic design.

    Wingspan is a butterfly 14 cm.

    10. Pachliopta kotzebuea 

    Tint elongated wings black velvet with a bit greenish sheen. Wings back below the bottom of the chain are framed mottled red spots.

    Wingspan is a butterfly 8 cm.

    Small butterfly with a wingspan of 6-9 cm. Price - 150 UAH

    11. Parthenos silvia

    On the wings of the brown-brown color clearly visible as "leopard spots" and "tiger stripes."

    Size 6-7 cm.

    12. Papilio demoleus

    Extraordinarily fascinating pattern in the form of a mosaic of mottled yellow eyes.

    Size - 6-7 cm.

    13. Hebomoia glaucippe 

    White wings combined with bright orange wings in front.

    Size - 6-7 cm.

    14. Cethosia biblis

    Ribbed on the edge of the wings unforgettable look together with the main cast a bright crimson hue.

    Size-6 cm.

    15. Hypolimnas bolina

    Thin  dark coffee color fringes cover wings with delicate purple pollination.

    Size - 6-7 cm.

    16. Graphium doson

    Males behind the wings variegated stripes scented scales. Butterfly flutters rapidly, unpredictably.

    Size - 6-7 cm.

        Order 5 and more butterflies and get a discount.

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