Не просто стриптиз, а целое шоу

Стриптиз-шоу в Одессе
Артикул: 604
Цена за: 1 номер
1600 грн
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К сожалению, услуга сейчас недоступна для заказа и помещена в архив.

Striptease show in Odessa is performed by seductive girl which can impress men.

Smooth movements and bright images make her show sensual and erotic. The girl has an enviable plasticity that allows her to show herself from different sides.

During her performance the stripteaser works with the audience.

Duration of one show is about 8-10 minutes.

The girl performs in different costumes:

  • Red Riding Hood;
  • Moulin Rouge;
  • Shaherizada;
  • Spaniard;
  • Devil;
  • Cat;
  • Teacher;
  • Russian;
  • Nurse;
  • The Snow Maiden;
  • Military, etc.

You can make such a nice gift for a friend 's birthday, stag-party or 23th of February if you will order this girl’s show.

The girl has a great experience of performing at various events - corporate parties, stag-parties, birthdays, etc. She dance in popular clubs in Odessa.