Strip Dance

    Strip dance is not only a dance with stripping. It is a show, theatrical performance and a simple delight.

   Strip show helps to vary your evening. You can order either men or women strip dance to the bachelor or bachelorette party or to organize surprise-strip dance to a party.

   The best dancers will come to any place: home, office, night club, restaurant, sauna, Russian sauna, karaoke and even to the limo.

   We are happy to help you to choose dancers. It can be one or a couple of dancers if you like.

Пиджeй 2



PJ’s are young, plastic and graceful girls or guys with choreographic training, who improvise to the...

- 5 %Юмористический стриптиз в Одессе

Comic striptease


Comic striptease in Odessa is a show performed by artist in costume of big doll. You can order such ...

стриптиз, эротическое шоу, стриптиз шоу

Female Strip Dance


     Female strip dance in Odessa or erotic show in Odessa is a performance that will dilute and add...

стриптиз, эротический танец, стриптиз номер в одессе

Male stripping


     Male stripping in Odessa is a theatrical performance. A dancer performs in a variety of char...

Экзотический стриптиз, Одесса

Exotic striptease


Exotic striptease in Odessa is performed by a handsome dancer. Stripper performs on parties in clubs...

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