Host sets a tone of the evening, arranges guests and doesn’t let people get bored. It is hard to imagine a celebration (wedding, birthday party, corporate party) without a professional host. Give careful consideration to the choice of host because he is the soul of your party.

   There are two steps in finding and approving your host:

  • long-distance acquaintance (study his works online and read feedback comments);
  • meeting in person. Pay attention at: diction, charisma, charm. Notice how easy he can make himself clear. A good host has a good sense of humor, great communication skills and can act offhand.

   Hosts who cooperate with our agency use an individual approach to every new project. We are happy to recommend one of them to you in terms of your wishes.

Ведущий на новогодний корпоратив Одесса

(Russian) Ведущий на новогодний корпоратив

Article: 1170
varies / 1 service


Ceremonist Victoria

Article: 2142
4100 UAH / 1 service

Ceremonist Victoria in Odessa  will give you unforgettable moments of the most gentle and memorable ...

Ведущая Ольга в Одессе

Host Olga


.....Your grand event will take place at the highest level, if the host Olga will be with you. When ...

ведущий одесса

Host Sergei

Article: 144
6000 UAH / 5 hours

     Works as a host and MC since 2008. Carries out entertainment events of any scale, from themed p...

ведущие, тамада в одессе

Hosts Vyacheslav and Natalia

Article: 714
7000 UAH / 5 hours

     These are real Odessa hosts with a terrific sense of humor. (more…)...

ведущий, тамада, конферансье, мс

Host Oleg

Article: 59
7000 UAH / 5 hours

     Host Oleg has an experience in hosting entertainment events for more than 10 years. Among other...

Ведущая Алена Одесса

Host Alena

Article: 1141
7000 UAH / 5 hours

     Host Alena from Odessa will make your wedding unforgettable! She can create a scenario of the e...

Ведущая Наталья, Одесса

Host Natalia

Article: 1044
8000 UAH / 5 hours

     Host Natalia can hold any event in Odessa - whether it will be corporate party, wedding or birt...

English-speaking leading



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Leading Vyacheslav

Article: 1306
8000 UAH / 5 hours

Leading Vyacheslav from Odessa - more than three years has been actively engaged in conducting weddi...

Host Vlad

Article: 878
9000 UAH / 5 hours

     If you want to spend your holiday unforgettable, get a lot of positive emotions and memories, h...

ведущий мероприятий Одесса

Host Paul

Article: 1008
9000 UAH / 5 hours

...Host Paul from Odessa can hold any your event: corporate party, wedding, graduation, birthday or ...

Ведущий Андрей Одесса

Host Andrew

Article: 996
9000 UAH /

...Host Andrew from Odessa has extensive experience in holding of various events - corporate parties...

Ведущий Одесса

Host Alex

Article: 748
9000 UAH / 5 hours

     Host Alex from Odessa will create an exclusive scenario of your party. He is not only a talente...

ведущи, тамада, одесса

Host Ruslan

Article: 153
10000 UAH / 2 hours

      Host Ruslan hold your event at a high level.       He worked on radio stations: (more…...

тамада на свадьбу одесса

Host Peter

Article: 700
10000 UAH / 5 hours

     Peter carries out weddings, corporate parties, presentations, grand openings and birthday parti...

ведущий, тамада, конферансье одесса

Host Serge

Article: 747
10000 UAH / 5 hours

     The main advantage host Serge has is his ability to improvise. (more…)...

ведущая мероприятий одесса

Host Arina

Article: 702
10000 UAH / 5 hours

     The main feature of the host Arina is professional speech and pleasant tone of her voice. (more...

Host Vasiliy

Article: 1243
10000 UAH / 4.5 hours

     Professional host from Odessa Vasiliy will fill your holiday with drive, positive and originali...

фото 4 [Ведущий Николай] ведущий тамада в Одессе

Leading Nicholas


A good mood and true emotions are guaranteed to you by leading Nikolai. Smiles and laughter always a...

Wedding host Alexander in Odessa

Wedding host Alexander


.....Charismatic host Alexander turns any event into a real show for you and your guests. He is a ge...

Host Alexander in Odessa

Host Alexander


.....Host Alexander in Odessa offers its services in carrying out your event. Thanks to its extensiv...

Ведущий, тамада, Одесса

(Russian) Ведущий Сергей



ведущая на мероприятие в одессе

Anastasia Bukina

Article: 258
12000 UAH / 5 hours

     Anastasia Bukina is known among Ukrainian politicians and business elite as a performer of jazz...

ведущий одесса

Vladimir Komarov

Article: 5
12000 UAH / 5 hours

     Vladimir Komarov gained fame acting in a humorous television show "Maski Show". (more…)...

Ведущий Валерий Одесса

Host Valeriy

Article: 981
12000 UAH / 7 hours

...Host Valeriy from Odessa has large experience of holding various events: weddings, corporate part...

holding a wedding , leading to the wedding , the wedding host wedding, anniversary, corporate , leading to corporate , leading to the anniversary, leading birthday, ведущий на свадьбу, проведение банкетов. проведение свадеб, ведущий на корпоратив, проведение концертов, ведущий на концерт. организация мероприятий, организация мероприятий одесса, агентство по организации праздников, агенство переполох, ведущий одесса, ведущий валерий волканов

Host Valery

Article: 1294
13000 UAH / 1 event

Host Valery brings a flurry of positive, he will make your holiday the most vivid and memorable! (mo...

ведущий на свадьбу, ведущий на корпоратив, англоязычный ведущий

English-speaking Host

Article: 565
13500 UAH / 5 hours

     English-speaking Host in Odessa is a unique option at international conferences, exhibitions an...

Ведущий Одесса

Host Alexandr

Article: 1090
135000 UAH / 5 hours

     Charismatic host Alexander from Odessa can hold a wedding or corporate event, concert or gradua...

Host – Illusionist

Article: 1060
/ 5 hours

The Host - Illusionist in Odessa. (more…)...

ведущий, тамада одесса

Host Igor

Article: 745
16000 UAH / 5 hours

     Host Igor is distinguished by wittiness and originality of the style he carries out the event. ...

ведущий, тамада в одессе

Host Duet

Article: 1
16000 UAH / 5 hours

     Work experience is more than 5 years. Hosts are  full of energy, positivity and desire to turn ...

ведущий Евгений Одесса

Host Eugene and Dmitry

Article: 1144
16000 UAH / 1 service

     Hosts Eugene and Dmitry from Odessa have a wide experience of holding various events: corporate...

Host Ivan

Article: 1244
17000 UAH / 5 hours

.....Host Ivan in Odessa will make your holiday rather special because he has experience of hosting ...

ведущий на свадьбу, корпоратив одесса


Article: 53
22000 UAH / 3 hours

     Two emcees from “Prosto Radio” in Odessa are the funniest and the quick-witted masters of cerem...

ведущий, тамада, в одессе

Host Alexander

Article: 744
22000 UAH / 5 hours

Alexander’s working advantages as a host in Odessa are wittiness and intelligence.  The host has an ...

ведущий, тамада в одессе

Host Ruslan

Article: 46
28000 UAH / 5 hours

     Host has experience in carrying out events for over 15 years. Basically they are: (more…...

ведущие на мероприятие одесса

Georgiy Deliev and Boris Barsky

Article: 14
60000 UAH / 5 hours

     Georgiy Deliev and Boris Barsky are known here and abroad thanks to the television project "Mas...

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