Visual Effects

    Visual effects make your celebration colorful and flavorful.

   We can offer you:

  • confetti;
  • smoke effect;
  • disco effect;
  • fog effect;
  • fire letters;
  • neon letters;
  • water show;
  • laser show;
  • soap bubbles.

   All visual effects should correspond to the idea and theme of the event.

   We are happy to highlight the key points of your evening with the help of right visual effects!

съемка 360

Creating panoramic tours, shooting 360 °


Creating panoramic tours, shooting 360 ° Operators will provide the maximum quality of work perform...

Интерактивный пол в Одессе

Interactive floor


Interactive floor is a special effect, which creates multimedia projection on the floor. (more&helli...

Лазер-шоу в Одессе на заказ

Laser show


Laser show in Odessa can be used on various events - presentations, weddings, corporate parties, etc...

Спецэффекты в Одессе

Special effects


We offer the performance with various special effects in Odessa on different events. We will embody ...

Проекционный дизайн в Одессе

Projection design


We offer you a projection room decoration for your event. Video designs revive and bring a variety o...

генератор огня, газовые горелки, огненные шары, огненный шар, стена огня одесса, стена огня, спецэффекты одесса, спецэффекты переполох, огненное шоу. огненные машины, огонь, организация праздников одесса, fire generator, gas burners, fireball, fireball, fire Odessa wall, a wall of fire, special effects Odessa, stir special effects, fire show. fire machine fire, organization of holidays Odessa,

Fire machine


Fire machines in Odessa - are a powerful special effects with the use of fire in his various manifes...

3D Mapping 5

3D mapping


3D mapping 3D mapping - a large show with a video projection on a 3D wall or any other relief that ...

Soap bubbles machine rental


Soap bubbles machine rental in Odessa will make your evening truly fabulous. Bubble generator is sui...

Постановочные бои в Одессе

Staged battles


Staged battles in Odessa is a unique opportunity to feel yourself as a courageous hero and to experi...

дым на праздник одесса

Smoke generator rental


     Smoke generator rental in Odessa will give add festivity to the evening. Puffs of smoke spread ...

конфетти машина одесса

Confetti Machine Rental


Confetti Machine Rental in Odessa is a win-win variant for decorating your event, as the service wil...

Арендовать генератор снега

Snow generator


Snow generator in Odessa will help you to create a winter atmosphere at any time of the year, indoor...

3D Mapping 5

ЗD video projection and light show


ЗD video projection and light show Technology Video Mapping creates a three-dimensional projection ...

Тяжелый дым в Одессе

Low fog generator


Low fog in Odessa is a special effect produced by a special generator. It can be used on concerts, d...

Бумажное шоу, Одесса

Paper show


Paper show Paper show in Odessa is a firework of confetti accompanied by music and colorful lights....

Шоу-программа в Одессе

Mirror laser show


Mirror laser show is a modern show, in which the smooth movements of dancers and bright laser beams ...



Aerofontain in Odessa - is a service that allows you to create a special effect in which air rushes ...

вечеринка, пена, одесса

Foam Party


Foam Party - it's a good alternative to the usual "dry" parties. This one does not require a party e...

Water screen


Water screen in Odessa is an unusual way to show your video, presentation or even a laser show on th...

видео-квартет Одесса

Video Quartet


The video quartet will be an unusual and original musical addition to your event. Create a unique Lo...

Dance show with 3D video projection


Dance show with 3D video projection The company, which specializes in 3D mapping, light and laser s...

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