Useful tips For organizing events


Conference is an integral part of every businessman’s life.

It can help you to reach goals as:

1. To present new ideas in the business sphere to the audience;

2. To inform publicity about innovations and goals that were reached;

3. Communication with colleagues and business partners.

If you think about the best way how to arrange a conference, Meeting and Convention planner Odessa can provide services and render a qualified assistance for every organizational issue of the conference.

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Give careful consideration to the key aspects in organization of a conference of any scale in the article below. Attention! There are only organizational matters are described; such issues as: sponsorship, advertising, taking request for participation are not covered in the article.



Before the implementation stage, a precise planning should take place.

The scale of the conference depends on the goals you set. In case if conference-presentation, that won’t take much time (an hour approximately) the precise planning is not needed. Count up the whole time needed for the reports delivery. In case the sum is less than 6 hours, some participants might reject your invitation because of the long road. Counting up the time needed take into account:

- Plenary meeting;

- Coffee breaks;

- Registration time;

- Casual chat of participants.

In case the total timing is more than 6-8 hours, better to divide conference into two days (it includes accommodation, food, tours and free time). It is recommended to make up groups and divide tasks between them. Also appoint a event planner in charge of any changes in the whole plan.

For each clause of a plan make up an extra solution for the contingencies that might arise from best event planner companies Odessa.



A place to stay depends on the chosen venue. You might save some money on transportation and delivery in case these both places are nearby or at the same building.

Targets of the group in charge of accommodation issues:

- Location selection;

- Request processing;

- Booking;

- Provide additional hotel suits in case of unforeseen situations;

- Provide hotel managers with a list of check in participants;

- Confirmation of the check in 2 weeks before the due date.



The best place to arrange the conference is a conference hall at the hotel where your participants stay. The capacity of the hall should comply with the number of your guest; in this way, there is no point in renting a hall for 100 people with capacity for 500 people.

The biggest advantage of a hall it the hotel is that you can combine 3 main areas of the conference at the one place: conference-hall, suits and restaurant. Also it is easier to organize coffee breaks.

Take into account:

- Capacity;

- Technical equipment you can use;

- Possibility to use additional equipment or to use yours;

- Location and its infrastructure.



The lists of participants are made in accordance with accepted requests online. Participants are suggested to pay membership dues and fees via bank transfer or credit card.

There should be a reception desk at the hall in a day of conference. There, people who want attend the conference should fill in a registration card.

Also, at the desk contributors get badge if needed.



The main objective of this group is to provide participants with all needed services, in particular: transfer, equipment provision (paper, pens, etc.) The present group is also responsible for meeting of the participants at the places of their arrival and bringing them to the hotel.

It is recommended to rent busses for comfortable transportation.

This group can also be responsible for coffee breaks organization: refreshments and snacks.



Take care of handouts for participants beforehand, namely:

- Badges;

- List of all participants if needed;

- Program;

- Notes for contributors;

- Pens and notebooks;

- Invitation for the dinner and other stuff depending on the plan.



In case the conference hall you have chosen is equipped, make sure the equipment meets all the requirements. On the conference day check the installation and proper work of everything again.

Make sure you have spare equipment in case of malperformance.

The team responsible for equipment is in charge of stands and markers provision.

Our agency provides all necessary equipment needed for the conference.




In case conference takes few days, you need to make up an extra group in charge of food arrangements. Objectives of a group:

- Choose menu;

- Arrange banquet menu (in case entertainment programs are provided);

- Choose restaurants;

- Take into account participants’ preference.

Pay special attention to the last clause in the list. There are might be people who keep to the diet, allergic to some products or vegetarians. To find a solution to this problem on the nail might cause a complication, that’s why it is recommended to include food preference clause to the application form.



Take care of tours and trips planning. For participants who came to your city for the first time, might be really interesting to attend historical tours across your city.

Arrange a tour to the factories and places of manufacture if possible.

Make up an extra plan in case of bad weather.



A banquet can be a solemn ending of the conference. To complete this task you need to appoint a group. Tasks of the group:

- Choose location. There is should be enough room for the participants and to carry out a show program. Be concerned about common facilities: think about additional places for smoking and sanitary conveniences;

- Chose menu in accordance with preferences;

- Banquet hall decoration;

- Show program planning: order artists, host, photo/videographers;

- Final chord planning: big cake or fireworks.

We are happy to provide any service for a show program arrangements.



Advice how to organize an international conference:

1. Main language. The language a chairman and important guests speak. Analyze the number of second languages to choose right combination of interpreters.

2. Types of interpretation. There two mainly used types of interpretation at the conferences: simultaneous interpretation and whispering (consecutive interpretation is also used sometimes).

For simultaneous interpretation special equipment is needed (booth, headphones, microphone). The number of booths depends on the number of language combinations.

There is should be two interpreters in one language both.

During the whispering, interpreter is sitting next to the person and interprets into his native language.

3. Provision of information. A work at the conference is hard that’s why you should provide all possible information to the interpreters beforehand, namely:

- Agenda;

- Information about main participants;

- Information about companies taking part;

- List of terms, abbreviations;

- Data to be considered at the conference.

4. On the conference day inform everybody how to use equipment.

We are happy if this article was useful to you! Meeting and Convention planners in Odessa of our event planning agency “Perepoloh” are happy to provide any service for the conference arrangements of any possible scale. Our creative team takes into account all of your requests working on the conceptual foundation of the event. We are the most known of event planning companies in Odessa

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