Invitation Cards. Gifts


 Take care of invitation cards to your event beforehand. Beautiful invitation card is not only a reminder of coming event; it is also an element that sets guests for festive mood.

     A design corresponds to the event theme and can be unique, made of different material, shape, color; and can be made according to the template. An invitation card can go with designed envelope.

     Prepare a small girts for your guests as well – bonbonniere (candy box).

     Candy box is a gift form bride and groom to all guests who came to celebrate the wedding day. It can be not only a box, but a pocket as well. You can put there: nuts, candies and candied fruit. Other filling is also possible, for example: key charm, candles, soap, sachet and CD with your favorite songs.

     The gift can be unique or made in accordance with a template. You can express your appreciation by giving a bonbonniere at the beginning of celebration (put it on a plate of every guest) or at the end (give it personally to everybody).

     We are happy to help you to choose the best design ideas for invitation cards and gifts for guests.


Video invitation to the wedding


     Video invitation to the wedding - is a unique service in Odessa, which will help you to impress...

реклама мероприятий в Одессе, оригинальное поздравление Одесса, буклеты в Одессе, дизайн приглашений, дизайн Одесса

Promotional products


The trends of modern world, such as the introduction of technology, virtual communities and heavy ad...

Венок из полимерной глины

Products made ​​of polymer clay


     First presented in Odessa original and at the same time an unusual gift that will give your que...

заказать оригинальные открытки в Одессе, найти оригинальные открытки в Одессе, на заказ открытки ручной работы в Одессе, заказать открытки ручной работы

Original postcards


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Invitation cards


     Neither event is complete without inviting guests. Some limited telephone and mobile mode call ...

корпоративный попсокет

Corporate gift


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A photo-book in Odessa is a book in which photographs make a significant contribution to the overall...

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The message in a bottle


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Unusual corporate gifts


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имиджмейкер, стилист, дизайнер в одессе



Our agency presents you the imagemaker service in Odessa. He will create a new image for you and hel...

фруктовый букет одесса

Fruit Bouquets


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Flip-Flop portrait


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пластилиновые фигурки Одесса, фигурки из пластиилина Одесса, украшения из пластилина в Одессе

Clay animation


Clay animation in Odessa Clay animation in Odessa - a service that will decorate your event and imp...

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