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A good Corporate Party can lift the spirit of your staff, set up a creative atmosphere and rise the image of an enterprise in the eyes of your fellow workers and invited guests to the party.

Having a good time together helps employees/co-workers to relax, get to know each other better, and helps CEO found out more about corporate attitude to work and their superior. For CEO - a Corporate Party is one of the best ways to raise motivation, working efficiency and loyalty of the staff to the authority.

By virtue of a good Corporate Party, you can achieve some objectives, as:

- to pull together your staff and create a feeling of one team;

- to sum up and estimate working results of the company for a certain period of time;

- pay attention to your personnel and show company’s potential.

The main target of the Corporate Party is to create a positive attitude inside of staff members that can put heart into further work.

Many people think that it is easy to throw a Corporate Party: laid on the table, bring alcohol to warm everybody up and it will ensure face-to-face contact and friendly atmosphere. But events proved, that alcohol is not the thing people need the most!

During the organization of the party authorities can overlook important details due to the lack of experience. The best way to save your safe is to entrust all organizational issues to the professionals – the First Events Company Odessa.

Our main advantage is a great experience in arranging various kinds of events in Odessa city and individual approach to each client during the work. Scenario writers take into account all of your requests working on the conceptual foundation of the event and make up unique greetings. Managers found out what you want in particular and how you imagine the whole picture by giving you a short BRIEF (10 min).

Our phone lines are open for your calls as well. Our contacts are here.

We suggest you to read the article below in order to consider important aspects during the organization yourself.



The main rule to decide on the date: next day after the party should be a day-off. Despite of the party success, the lack of enthusiasm at the working place on the next day is guaranteed.



The scale of the party depends upon the budget. Also, it is not easy to distribute money to the banquet, host, artists, gifts, etc. This task and many others can be easily solved if you contact our event company because our managers will share tricks how to set up a budget and distribute your money correctly; when you can cut costs and when better to pay extra money.



You can throw a party at the office as well as rent premises (banquet hall, restaurant, private residence) or organize everything outside.

Pay attention to:

- Location: decide on the district and convenience for everybody to get there;

- Parking: approach to the place must be convenient and spacious;

- Venue seating capacity: there are should be enough places to sit and enough free space for game/dance parts of the evening;

- Common facilities: think about additional places for smoking and sanitary conveniences;

- Interior and exterior: decorate the venue in accordance with the theme and concept of your party.

Make an order and discuss the menu beforehand. Also, you can employ catering services..

We work together with many restaurants in Odessa city and offer favorable terms of collaboration. Also, we can offer decorating services accordant to the theme and concept of the party.



Themed party is getting more and more popular in Ukraine. First of all, themed party it is your imagination and ideas. It can be the most unexpected theme, for example it can be 1001 Nights Party, Indian Party, Retro Party, Party according to the book or movie, Beach Party, USSR Party.

Pay attention to:

- Dress code should fit to the party theme. Everybody including artists and host should wear cloth related to the idea;

- Venue design;

- Themed menu;

- Themed scenario.



Professional host knows how to set the tone of the evening and create a good atmosphere. Please, give careful considerations to the views expressed here because a host is the heart and the soul of the party.

In case there is no professional host among people you know, let’s see how to choose the host yourself:

- Watch the online video and estimate host’s work and potential.

- A good host must have: a good diction, charisma, charm and be a great talker. Notice how easy he can make himself clear. A good host has a good sense of humor, great communication skills and can act offhand;

- A host should write a scenario based on your desire and should not offer clichéd variant.



Photographer and videographer are essential at Corporate Party to capture every single moment of the evening. Distinctive aspects of a good photographer/videographer:

- He has a portfolio;

- Good feedback comments from other clients;

- He has a studio and personal website.

Photographers and videographers who cooperate with our event company are notable for their long-term experience and creative approach to their work.



It is important for every staff member to understand the role he/she plays in your business in spite of the position at the company. Prepare certificates and marks of distinction to reward your personnel for their hard work.

Nomination can be either funny or serious for special accomplishments in corporate business. To pick up the most appropriate nominations and greeting words - check personal data or profiles on the web communities.



The ending must be as bright as the whole event. For a closing ceremony you can organize the lottery with a grand prize or order a big cake with company’s logo or organize a firework show.

We are happy if this article was useful to you! The event planners of our event agency “Perepoloh” in Odessa city are happy to provide any service for the Corporate Party arrangements of any possible scale. Our creative team takes into account all of your requests working on the conceptual foundation of the event.

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Rope route, quets, games.We have a big experience in organizing corporate parties. We always apply a customized approach. More information >>HERE<<

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Off-site buffets / banquets all year round. We will also help you to choose a restaurant, a camp as well as making up a menu and controlling the quality of services.

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    Our event manager Maxim and the host Vlad treated with understanding to our requests and arranged everything on the high level. Our employees enjoyed the celebration and it was our main goal. It is very convenient that all services we needed were in one place. Maxim provided us with what we needed and even offered additional exciting shows.
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    We enjoyed absolutely everything at our event. That was a real madness. We with you wealth, development. Get bigger on the world scale. Thank you very much for the emotions you gave us!!!
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