Unique greetings


Create unique greetings for your dearest! Of course your close will be happy to any attention you pay, but just imagine how surprised they will be by your special compliments!

   Flowers can turn into fruit basket, card with greetings –into box with butterflies, delivery can be made by actors or by you, one change – you will know on the window frame.

   We are happy to create a unique scenario to great your dear people! We and our event planners take into consideration all of your wishes and desires and add there some bright colors!


Праздник в PartyBus


Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian and Ukrainian....

предложение руки и сердца

Romantic date


Romantic date Arrange an unforgettable romantic date for your love one in Odessa! (more…)...

оригинальные поздравления, встреча из роддома в одессе

Meeting from the maternity


   The birth of a child is the most important, long-awaited and touching event in the life of every ...

встреча с поезда, самолета, доставка гостей, одесса

Meeting on the train station, airport, seapor and bus station


A unique service to meet your guests, relatives and friends after a long journey in the city of Odes...

Розыгрыш в Одессе

Practical joke


To make a practical joke in Odessa thoroughly think over your plan. We will help to realize your ide...

артист оригинального жанра Одесса

Артист оригинального жанра



Розыгрыш в Одессе

Scenarios for drawing people close


In Odessa, people are unique, so congratulations should be original and memorable for a lifetime. If...

Badges, key chains, certificates, medals and prizes


 Badges, key chains, certificates, medals, prizes in Odessa - is the exclusive products of metal, wh...

реклама мероприятий в Одессе, оригинальное поздравление Одесса, буклеты в Одессе, дизайн приглашений, дизайн Одесса

Promotional products


The trends of modern world, such as the introduction of technology, virtual communities and heavy ad...

подставное интервью

Festive missione: colloquium cum substitutionem


Each holiday is unique. One of the funniest moments, which the experts event agencies "Tumult" offer...

знаменитости поздравляют

Videogreetings from celebrities


Each holiday is unique. Always very much that the new corporate event was quite unlike the past, tha...

юмористическое поздравление

Нumorous videokollazh


Good festive evening involves a lot of humor. Even if it's a corporate event. (more…)...




Party is a format in which there is no concept. A party can be arranged literally wherever there is ...

Свидание на яхте, Одесса

Date on a yacht


Date on a yacht in Odessa is a great opportunity to surprise your girlfriend with a romantic walk on...

Милицейский розыгрыш в Одессе

Police practical joke


Police practical joke in Odessa will raise the adrenaline level of your friends and acquaintances. T...

запуск шаров

Release of airballoons


     Release of helium balloons in Odessa, can become a joyful decoration of your event. It is an ex...

заказать оригинальные открытки в Одессе, найти оригинальные открытки в Одессе, на заказ открытки ручной работы в Одессе, заказать открытки ручной работы

Original postcards


    Original postcards in Odessa can help you to congratulate a peculiar person to whom the card is ...

подобрать аксессуары для фотосессии в Одессе, арендовать аксессуары для фотоссесии в Одессе, найти аксессуары для фотосессии в Одессе, фотобутафория в Одессе, аксессуары для фотосессий в Одессе, наборы для фотосессии в Одессе

Accessories for the Photoshoot


     Accessories for the Photoshoot in Odessa add spice to your holiday and make it memorable for th...

заказать конверты в Одессе, заказать оригинальные конверты в Одессе, заказать эксклюзивные конверты в Одессе

Exclusive envelopes


    Exclusive envelopes in Odessa can help you to stay original and have your own style, even when s...

фотокнига 9



A photo-book in Odessa is a book in which photographs make a significant contribution to the overall...

Оригинальное поздравление

Special poem


     Surprise loved ones charming compliments - order a spetial poem in Odessa. (more…)...

Шоколадные фигуры Одесса

Chocolate figures


We offer you a manufacturing of chocolate figures in Odessa of any size and shape. They could become...

отправить послание в бутылке в Одессе, оригинальные приглашения в Одессе, свадебные приглашения в Одессе, как удивить гостей в Одессе, послание в бутылке в Одессе

The message in a bottle


     The message in a bottle in Odessa will help you to share any message with the recipient to whom...

сделать фото на дереве в Одессе, подарить оригинальный подарок в Одессе, что подарить любимой в Одессе, заказать фото на дереве в Одессе, изготовить фото на дереве в Одессе

Photo on a tree


     The photo on a tree in Odessa will present you an opportunity to give an original gift for the ...

Одесса бабочки



Flying and fluttering "gift" that brings a smile, for all occasions and holidays greetings - live ex...

Оригинальные поздравления

Fortune cookies


     Fortune cookies in Odessa - an original and unusual gift or entertainment for a holiday that wi...

Картины из страз, Одесса

Paintings made of rhinestones


     Paintings made of rhinestones in Odessa - is an original gift for friends and relatives for any...

имиджмейкер, стилист, дизайнер в одессе



Our agency presents you the imagemaker service in Odessa. He will create a new image for you and hel...

услуги стоилиста одесса, шопинг, шоппинг одесса, имиджмейкер одесса

Shopping with a stylist


       If you want to change your appearance but don’t want to take risks, we offer you services of ...

Телефонный розыгрыш Одесса

Prank call


Prank call in Odessa will fun your friends and relatives, give them a good mood. (more…)...

Оригинальные поздравления

Wishes tree


     Wishes tree is a very unusual guest book, there guests will print the fingers and leave a set o...

заказать VIP-доставку в Одессе, VIP-доставка подарка в Одессе, VIP-доставка цветов в Одессе, VIP-доставка пригласительных в Одессе, организовать VIP-доставку в Одессе, доставка подарков в Одессе



     If you decided to surprise your friends or the loved ones, having presented them a pleasant sur...

фруктовый букет одесса

Fruit Bouquets


Fruit bouquet in Odessa is not only beautiful and unique decoration, it is also delicious and health...

огненные буквы, пиротехника, салюты, фейерверки в одессе

Fire letters


   Fire letters in Odessa is a bright and memorable greeting to your loved ones. (more…)...

Флип Флоп портрет в Одессе

Flip-Flop portrait


Flip-Flop portrait in Odessa - an extraordinary way to give a loved one the opportunity to try on th...

поздравление от мимов ходулистов джамперов в Одессе, оригинальные поздравления в Одессе, поздравить в Одессе, мимы на праздник в Одессе, заказать оригинальное поздравление в Одессе, как необычно поздравить в Одессе

Congratulations from mime, hodulists and jumpers.


Congratulations from mimes, hodulistov, jumpers Congratulations from mimes, hodulistov and jumpers ...

Выездной SPA Одесса

SPA at home


Mobile SPA-salon in Odessa will allow you to experience the atmosphere of relaxation at home. (more&...

крыша пентхауса

Penthouse roof for romantic meetings


Romantic date on the roof of the penthouse is a great opportunity to dilute the gray routine and hav...

Портрет своими руками в Одессе

Originalny Gift – a picture with their hands


Originalny Gift - a picture with their hands on the canvas in Odessa. (more…)...

лошади, конный спорт,верховая езда, одесса

Horse riding along the sea bank


Horse riding along the sea bank in Odessa is very beautiful and romantic. Bright emotions and unforg...

Оригинальные поздравления

Song recoding in a studio


     To record a song in a studio in Odessa is an unforgettable gift that will remind you about spec...

песня в подарок

Art song as a gift


  Favorite person wants to devote songs to him, and you are not a poet? Order the author's song as a...

Фотопортрет маслом Одесса

Oil portrait


Oil portrait is an original gift for your friends or relatives. This painting will remain for long l...

бутафорский торт 8

Fake Cake


Rent of a fake cake in Odessa - is a good way to surprise and amaze your family and friends. In the ...

спа, массаж, досуг, отдых, салон



     Rest at the spa-saloon in Odessa it is a plunge into the world of unforgettable sensations. Har...

шаржист, шаржи в одессе



      Caricaturist in Odessa draws comic portraits for you and your guests. Invite the artist to you...

Серенада Одесса



Serenade in Odessa is an original idea for different congratulations. Artist will perform under the ...

Артисты оригинального жанра в Одессе

Mirror Man


Mirror Man is always the original hostess at any of your events. Your guests will be met not just by...

Флешмоб в Одессе



Flashmob in Odessa can become an original greeting for your friend or an unexpected scenario if you ...

Портрет из жвачки Одесса

Portraits of bubble gum


Portraits of bubble gum is a unique art which was invented by talented artist Anna from Donetsk. Thi...

Поздравление через окно в Одессе

Congratulation through the window


If you want to congratulate your sweetheart and make it unforgettable, we offer you the service “Con...

Розыгрыш служба СЭС Одесса

Sanitary & Epidemiological Service


Practical joke "Sanitary & Epidemiological Service" in Odessa can become unexpected surprise for you...

Примирение в Одессе



If you had a quarrel with your girlfriend or boyfriend and don’t know how to make it up, Reconciliat...

поздравление на билборде,поздравления на билборде,сюрприз,поздравление с днем рождения,поздравление с юбилеем,сюрприз на свадьбу,поздравление на свадьбу,фото на билборде,поздравление любимой,поздравление с 8 марта,поздравление с днем валентина,оригинальные поздравления,оригинальное поздравление,удивить.

Congratulations on a billboard


   Congratulations on a billboard in Odessa it is an original solution to cause surprise and delight...

пиротехника, салюты, фейерверки в одессе

Pyrotechnic letters


     Pyrotechnic letters in Odessa are a bright final of the celebration, a pleasant surprise and th...

воздушный шар, полет, одесса, аттракцион

Hot Air Balloon Fly


Flying in a balloon in Odessa is romance, freedom, harmony with nature and adrenaline rush in one bo...

Кукла-портрет Одесса

Doll portrait


Exclusive doll portrait can be original gift for boss, friend or relative for any occasion. (more&he...

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