Нumorous videokollazh

юмористическое поздравление
Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Good festive evening involves a lot of humor. Even if it's a corporate event.

    Few things cheer Large group of people as a humorous videokollazh. It represents a video or a short film, created on the basis of the available pictures of the collective, which is shown with musical accompaniment.

    Humorous videokollazh covers the main stages of company development, joint progress, leisure, collective celebration.

    A professional writer will create a unique comic script for him, and the operator and editor at the top level assemble video. The video can be heard songs of your favorite singer or music can be created by the composer especially for your event.

    Usually humorous videokollazh produces enough good impression on employees and guests of the evening, the staff of some companies, which once ordered this service for a corporate event, then bought humorous videokollazhi for weddings, anniversaries and children's parties.

    With this service often bought congratulations celebrity interview-shifters, drawings, neon, music and fireworks show.

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