Paintings made of rhinestones

Картины из страз, Одесса
Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

         Paintings made of rhinestones in Odessa - is an original gift for friends and relatives for any occasion: birthday, wedding, birth of child, the 8th of March, New Year, etc.

         Any pattern can be laid out of crystals depending on the subject of the event. It can be a company logo, name of hero of the party, a significant date or any other inscription. This unusual gift you can give to the boss, colleague, honeymooners, friend, girlfriend or a young mother.

         Terms of manufacturing one painting - from 2 to 4 days. Everything depends on the complexity of the work.

         Picture may be of different sizes: 13*18 cm, 20*30 cm, 30*40 cm, 40*50 cm.

         The painting will be in a beautiful frame.

         Price depends on the complexity of the order, the size and quantity of the materials used.

         The cost of painting:

    • 13*18 cm - from 200 UAH;
    • 20*30 cm - from 300 UAH;
    • 30*40 cm - from 400 UAH;
    • 40*50 cm - from 500 UAH.

    The price includes:

    • selection of image;
    • development of painting;
    • painting in the frame;
    • delivery.
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