Sanitary & Epidemiological Service

Розыгрыш служба СЭС Одесса
Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Practical joke "Sanitary & Epidemiological Service" in Odessa can become unexpected surprise for your colleague, friend, girlfriend and will make him/her smile.

    According to the scenario collaborator of the SES service will come to an office of your friend. They will be in special suits, with respirators and dosimeters. They will say that they received a signal that the radiation was detected in those office. We also can offer the variant of destroying cockroaches, mice and other vermins.

    All people will be evacuated from the office while our artists will serve a table and prepare the gifts.

    Meanwhile the stuff (and also the main person of that joke) will get nervous outside the office. But suddenly they will be invited inside and will see a banquet and smiling actors. And all together they will celebrate the significant occasion.

    Can you imagine face of the hero of this party? He will realize that all is arranged only for him. Such a joyful surprise can make even the most serious boss smiling:).

    The price of service includes:

    • arrival of 4 actors in costumes;
    • serving of the table and preparing gifts.

    Products and gifts are not included in price.

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