Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Party is a format in which there is no concept. A party can be arranged literally wherever there is a 220V outlet. Remember American films, where people gather in a big house who are practically not familiar with each other for the same purpose - to have a good time.
    We do not offer you to gather people you barelly know, we offer to spend unforgettable time without adhering to the format of a traditional banquet.

    Differences of a party from a banquet:

    • absence of strict timing ;
    • no one comes to eat only;
    • complete freedom due to the absence of the host.

    What is included in the organization?

    • selection of a place (house, penthouse, cafe with / without pool, banquet hall, recreation center with gazebos, a place on the beach, etc.);
    • delivery, installation and dismantling of equipment (smoke machine, confetti gun / confetti hand-held for one shot, lighting devices, columns, soap bubbles);
    • photobutaforium;
    • organization of work of additional contractors, if necessary);
    • thematic banner (design development, installation, dismantling);
    • purchase and delivery of drinks;
    • rental of necessary utensils and furniture.
    And what else?

    You can also invite a photographer, bartender, DJ, video operator, waiters, as well as order decor with balloons, flowers, paper. And we can come the next day and clean the room where the party took place, if it was not a restaurant, cafe, banquet hall.

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