Originalny Gift – a picture with their hands

Портрет своими руками в Одессе
Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Originalny Gift - a picture with their hands on the canvas in Odessa.

    For the birthday congratulations, anniversaries, or any other persons involved in the festival we invite actors, singers, magicians. But you can congratulate the person on their own, using the technique of gold or silver deposition. Here you will speak, and congratulations to the author and the artist, and to some extent a magician.

    This unexpected greeting will be equally pleased to congratulate and to whom, and to you personally. After greetings from the first hand is always much more mentally than with guest artists. And how nice to be a guest on a blank canvas when suddenly his portrait appears.

    Spray - this is a technique that allows to make greeting the element of surprise on a holiday, because the actors - participants of the event itself.

    Book this service at your event - and you will not regret it! The effect will be stunning. In addition, the result of the appearance of the image on a blank canvas for the entire second may even be unpredictable - surprise, delight, laughter, applause ...

    You can pre-arrange with us in advance about the image that appears on the canvas. It will be a memorable gift for the head of the company, birthday, newly married couples, and even guests. In creating the image material can be used gold or silver.

    The advantages of instant portrait art:

    • The ability for a client to surprise guests as well as a performance artist working in the technique of "gold dust";
    • This option is accessible because the client does not need to pay for the work of the artist;
    • You can organize a surprise for the customer, agreeing on such a gift to his loved ones.

    You send us a photo and we will prepare an individual presentation and send the parcel in which you will find everything you need to create a future picture.

    The cost depends on the size of the composition:

    40x50 cm .. - 2650 UAH.

    50x70 cm - 3650 UAH.

    80h110 cm - 5150 UAH.



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