Equivibrist “Sliding Man”

Шоу эквилибристики в Одессе
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Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Equivibrist, acting under the pseudonym "Sliding Man", demonstrates in Odessa fantastic possibilities of his sports body. .

    Circus art for most of us seems some other, amazing world where people know how to do things that we just can not do. Equilibrium as a genre is always admired by the possibilities of man. After all, it's a whole art to keep the balance of the body in the most unexpected and implausible positions. We are fascinated by the strength, concentration and grace of these people.

    "The sliding person" is clearly distinguished among the balancers. His impressive weight and figure of a bodybuilder are combined in numbers with genuine ease and elegance. A particularly moving person likes to show numbers where he balances on his hands and even on his fingers. But it's not easy to keep your 80 kilograms on fingers alone.

    The artist had a great experience of performances in circuses and clubs in Moscow and abroad, was a participant and prize-winner of competitions in bodybuilding and fitness.

    The balancing act will be a bright part of any corporate and holiday, as well as an ornament for a small party. We are always fascinated by the beauty and grace of the body, especially when we see it with our own eyes.

    For the performance of a sliding person, you need a playground:

    • Height not less than 2.5 m;
    • Width not less than 2 m.
    • The price of the room is 3700 UAH. For 5 minutes (1 room)


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